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Wednesday 25th May 2011, 12:47am
Hi! I am a big football fan. Especially I’m awating the EURO 2012 championship that will be held in my country (Ukraine). I have set this site up with the hope of finding other passionate sports fans who want to discuss the matters concerning EURO 2012.

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State is out of business - private charity is at work! Kiev doctors learn English for EURO 2012 posted on 09/27/2011

For a long time there was no hope in improvement of language situation in our country. Especially with the view of EURO 2012 it is very important to know foreign languages.

It's been recently reported that FREE Enlgish language training courses for medical staff for Euro 2012 were launched! Kievan doctors and nurses from now on are intensively learning English to meet UEFA EURO 2012 appropriately. The lanuage training programme has started on September 1st. This activity is founded by Rodion Butko charity fund. Its is quite positive to notice that our society is undergoing such necessary changes with the view of forthcoming EURO 2012 football championship it Ukraine.Such help to UEFA with the EURO 2012 preparations is urgent because government presently doesn't cope with the language programmes organization. Now we can be sure that at least someone will know English for Euro 2012...

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England team is losing points faster than Ukraine posted on 09/21/2011
The new FIFA ranking position of Ukraine has markedly deteriorated. Having lost after defeats by Uruguay and the Czech Republic 67 credits points, a team of Oleg Blokhin went down to 60 th place.

We are falling faster teams of Slovakia and Belarus, who lost for the last month 144 and 91 points respectively, as well as England, which lost 88 points worth four places in the rankings. Note that the next superniki Ukrainians - Bulgarians and Estonians - have settled on 55 and 58 places.

A leader of the early season was again won the right to speak at Euro 2012 Spain squad. In the back of them dashyt Dutch and Germans. Of the teams from other continents is the strongest team of Uruguay, situated on the fourth position.

1. Spain - 1605 (42)
2. Holland - 1571 (-25)

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Euro 2012 will bring development to the large Ukrainian cities posted on 09/14/2011
After the European football championship in 2012, Ukraine plans to focus on the development of megacities.

This assured the Deputy Prime Minister - Infrastructure Minister Borys Kolesnikov during his working trip to Dnipropetrovsk, the press service of the government.

He stressed that after the finals and the President of the Government will pay maximum attention to such cities. This will be done through the construction of roads, the organization of high-speed rail link between them, etc.

"For maximum convenience, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk and Kiev after the Euro 2012 will run high-speed train Kiev-Dnipropetrovsk-Donetsk", - said Boris Kolesnikov.

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In November, the Polish national team will play with the team of Italy posted on 08/22/2011

In November, the Polish national team will play with an Italian national soccer team in Poland on November 11, 2011.

Such an agreement reached between the two countries football association, informed the Polish Football Association (PZPN).

Reportedly, the match frames and Azzurri will be held at the stadium in Wroclaw, which will take three matches in the group stage of Euro 2012. Duel will be the next rehearsal for, by that time the newly built, evroareny.

Recall, in September the team will hold two Franciszek Smudy sparring match: with Mexico - 2 September in Warsaw, and Germany - September 6, Gdansk.

In 15 games prior to this six times won the Polish national team, there have been just as many draws and only three won by Italians.

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UEFA: Ukraine does not have any problematic objects posted on 08/16/2011
Over three hundred days before the start of Euro 2012 and Ukraine nas no building objects problems.

This was stated by the leaders of UEFA, Michel Platini, Gianni Infantino, according to Channel 5.

Olympic Stadium Renovation completed at 90%. Work in the Lvov stadium scheduled for completion in October. At the same time open and complex in Kiev.

Sports arenas in Kharkiv and Donetsk for two years as ready to receive visitors.

Also before the end of the year and expand the country's air gates - the airport "Borispol". The new terminal is to increase passenger numbers by half - to 12 million people a year.

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