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When Was Wayne Rooney Born? posted on 10/30/2014

Born October 24, 1985, Wayne Rooney is a footballer from England, who captains the national football team of England and Manchester United. He mainly plays at the forward position. In 2002, when he was sixteen years old, Rooney made his debut in professional football, playing for the Everton youth team. After that, two seasons were spent playing for Merseyside club, and eventually a transfer window moved him to Manchester United in 2004, and he has been playing for this team since then. In 2003, when Rooney was only 17, he played his first international game, making him the youngest player representing England and the youngest ever to score a goal. In 2004, playing UEFA Euro, Rooney scored four goals, which made him the youngest goal scorer in the European Championship as well.

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