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With Xabi Alonso Gone to Real Madrid, Can Liverpool Remain in the Premier League's Top Two? posted on 08/05/2009


Finally it's over. After a seemingly endless courtship and game of one-ups-manship, Liverpool have sold midfielder Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid for a cool £30m. Whether Alonso will have any kind of an impact at Real is unclear as their newly constructed club features other star midfielders like Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo. But what is almost certain is the major downgrade on Merseyside.

It's true, Liverpool is still a very strong club and capable of having a better season than three-quarters of the English Premier League. But with their second-place finish last season, high hopes have been pinned on the Reds to compete again for the title. Losing Alonso, regardless of how the £30m in return is spent, is a serious loss. His passing and decision-making skills are nearly unmatched and his camaraderie with Fernando Torres gave Liverpool a potent, yet calculated attack.

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Premier League Predictions Coming Soon posted on 08/03/2009

With the 2009/10 Premier League season just under two weeks away, it's time to start thinking about a projected final table. Because of the possible volatility in the transfer market before the season starts I don't want to make any projections just yet. But be sure to check back in next week to see how I see the 2009/10 Premiership panning out.

Here's an early preview: Burnley will stay up, Manchester United will not continue their reign as champions and one of the top four will not finish any higher than sixth.

Additionally I'll have weekly predictions for every single match of the season. On Fridays I'll give you my predictions and then the following week I'll tally up how many I got right and wrong and keep a running tab of my record. Always feel free to chime in with your own expectations for the week and we'll see if you're any better at this than I am.

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Aston Villa Add Fabian Delph to Bolster Midfield posted on 08/03/2009
After losing Gareth Barry to the Manchester City money-machine earlier this summer, Aston Villa earned a significant coup by signing England U-21 Fabian Delph from Leeds United. The deal is reportedly worth £6m and gives Villa a highly sought after youngster to groom. Both Tottenham and the aforementioned City were also in play for Delph who was the Football League's Young Player of the Year in 2008/09. But ultimately it was Villa who secure the talented midfielder.

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