23 June 2009

When you play fantasy football, you play (almost exclusively) in a head-to-head, points-based system.  When you play fantasy baseball, you play (almost exclusively) in either a rotisserie or head-to-head, categories-based system.  When you play fantasy hockey, you play (almost exclusively) in some form of salary cap, everyone-can-have-player-X-on-the-team sysatem.

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1 June 2009


Most Cowboy fans have probably heard that Greg Ellis will either be traded or released before the upcoming season.  It what has been a turbulent past decade for the cowboys, Ellis provided solid performance at the DE and more recently at LB when the Boys shifted to the 3-4.  He was never a perenial All-Pro and maybe not worth a 1st Round pick, but he was a good solid player and a starter on most teams.  Minus his troubles converting to the 3-4 and contracts that go with it, it will feel strange not to see him in a Cowboys uniform.

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